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Weather close to you

The first thing we need before setting out on a photo trip is the weather forecast.

Here is one of many sites that are available but at present this site seems to be quite good.

Although the meteoblue link on the left will take you to the Meteoblue website, an app is available for iphone and Android phones (and of course tablets)
The basic app has adverts, but for 79p you can have it advert free.

The bottom link on the left entited Symbols and Pictograms, explains the use of these in the programme.

 exploring canon5ds
Exploring the Canon EOS 5Ds
David Noton: on landscapes

Canon Explorer David Noton was the first landscape photographer in the world to get the opportunity to work with the 50.6 Megapixel EOS 5DS DSLR and he promptly jumped on a plane to South Africa to photograph the stunning western Cape region and discover exactly what the camera was capable of. In an exclusive CPN interview and film he reveals his first impressions of working with a camera that combines easy portability and intuitive handling with high-resolution image quality never before seen in a DSLR...

 5ds explained
EOS 5Ds & 5Ds r explained
The EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R represent a new line of ultra high-resolution EOS DSLR cameras – featuring 50.6 Megapixel sensors – that are ideal for photographers who want to capture an extraordinary amount of detail in their images. The new cameras will be popular with those shooting landscape and architectural photography, as well as those shooting commercial or high-end editorial work in the studio. The EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R sit alongside the EOS 5D Mark III in the EOS range, and use new technologies to make the most of both of the cameras’ high-resolution capabilities.

Adobe RGB (1998) vs ProPhoto RGB
By Derek Doar

For some years now, since the Digital Photography revolution began, photographers have been recommended to use Adobe RGB (1998) as their working color space.

Photographic technology has moved forward at an alarming rate and given us better cameras, monitors, printers and software.

Is it now the time to change to ProPhoto RGB?

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Numerous Canon Camera Manuals
can now be downloaded from here.

Link to Canon 7D and 5D MkIII new firmware update

Numerous Nikon Camera Manuals
can now be downloaded from here

An article on how to match the brightness on your print to the brightness of your monitor screen.

Really Right Stuff Tripod Ball heads and Camera L-Plates
Logan compact Mount cutter - 301S

Panoramic photography

How to find the Nodal Point
(no parallax point) of your lens...

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